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2023 Cook County Final Multiplier or Equalization Factor Set

The Illinois Department of Revenue has released its final 2023 Cook County equalization factor of 3.0163.  This equalization factor is 3.17% higher than the 2022 Cook County equalization factor of 2.9237.  The final 2023 Cook County equalization factor is 6.16% higher than the tentative 2023 Cook County equalization factor that was previously released at the […]

Cook County Assessor Kaegi downplays downtown commercial property’s financial issues

2024 is a triennial reassessment year for all properties located in Chicago.  As a result of this reassessment, all properties located in Chicago will be revalued and reassessed in 2024.  Already, the 2024 assessments for properties located in Rogers Park Township have issued and the assessments for West Chicago Township will issue in late May […]

Cook County Commissioner Larry Rogers wins a 6th term as Commissioner at the Cook County Board of Review

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Larry Rogers, Jr. convincingly won his sixth term as Cook County Board of Review Commissioner.  Rogers represents the city’s south side and the southern suburbs of Cook County. Rogers beat his challenger Larecia Tucker 62% to 38%.  Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi contributed $680,000 of his own money to fund […]

Illinois Supreme Court allows the new Transfer Tax Referendum to remain on the March 19 primary

On Wednesday, March 13th, the Illinois Supreme Court denied the appeal petition by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA) to overturn the Appellate Court’s ruling to allow the transfer tax referendum on the March 19 primary ballot.  The Illinois Supreme Court did not overturn the Illinois Appellate Court who stated in their […]

The Complex Dynamics of Taxation: Exploring Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s “Mansion Tax”

In the intricate landscape of urban governance, tax policies often serve as a battleground where competing interests clash, and Chicago is no exception.  Recently, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s proposal to increase taxes on real estate transactions exceeding $1 million sent shockwaves through the city’s political and economic spheres.  However, this ambitious plan faced a significant setback […]

2023 Cook County Tentative Multiplier or Equalization Factor Set

The Illinois Department of Revenue announced a tentative 2023 Cook County Equalization Factor of 2.8414 on February 8, 2024.  This tentative 2023 Cook County Equalization Factor is 2.81% lower than the 2022 Cook County Equalization Factor of 2.9237.  Every year, the Illinois Department of Revenue is legally required to calculate the equalization factor to achieve […]

Cook County Board of Review Decision for the Chicago Bear’s Former Arlington International Racecourse Expected to Occur by End of February, 2024

The Cook County Board of Review heard a property tax appeal involving the Chicago Bears’ former Arlington International Racecourse this Tuesday, February 6, 2024.  Cook County Commissioner Samantha Steele was reported to state that a decision on this appeal will issue by the end of this February.  Their decision will have an effect on whether […]

Potential Property Tax Legislation To Level The Playing Field Between Communities

If you’re wondering what some legislators are proposing in the Illinois General Assembly for the current legislative session, they’re proposing legislation for statewide property tax reform. On Wednesday, February 7th, state representatives hailing from Geneva and Mokena, along with a former representative from Plainfield, unveiled their proposed plan. HB 4866 would attempt to make school […]

Cook County 2023 First Installment Tax Bills are Scheduled to be Due on March 1, 2023

The 2023 first installment bills have issued and will be due on Friday, March 1, 2024.  If you have not received your first installment 2023 tax bill, you can go on the Cook County Treasurer’s website – www.cookcountytreasurer.com, click on Payment Details (purple box) and type in your Permanent Index Number and click “First Installment […]

Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Law Allowing Consolidation of Police and Firefighter Pension Funds

Last Friday, in the case Arlington Heights Police Pension Fund v. Pritzker (2024 IL 129471), the Illinois Supreme Court upheld a 2019 statutory law which consolidated 649 individual pension funds into just two.  It was a unanimous decision by the Court allowing consolidation into two pension funds so as to more easily and at less […]