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Seasoned Chicago Attorneys Handle Illinois Property Tax Appeals

Skilled Cook County lawyers help clients challenge tax assessments

The annual tax burden on Illinois property owners exceeds the national average by thousands of dollars. If your property is valued incorrectly, you may be stuck with a bill much larger than what is justified. The property tax attorneys of Rieff Schramm Kanter & Guttman LLC in Chicago advise owners of residential and commercial real estate during the multi-step property tax appeal process. Our firm handles formal appeals at the county level throughout Illinois as well as appeals to the State Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) and in Circuit Court.

Reputable law firm handles residential and commercial property tax appeals

Each county in Illinois has its own property tax rate based on the total value of property in its limits and the amount of funding collected for government initiatives. The annual tax rate is applied to each piece of real estate in the county, with individual real estate values determined by professional assessors.

Property reassessments occur every three or four years in Illinois, depending on the county where you reside. If you disagree with the property value listed in your reassessment notice, it is best to pursue an appeal promptly. In Cook County, an appeal must be filed within 35 days of receiving the reassessment notice. You may also file an appeal in a year between your property reassessments if the value of the property changes in that time. If you wait until your tax bill comes in the mail, it will be too late to challenge your bill for the year.

Though a successful tax appeal can lower your financial burden, it’s wise to discuss your particular situation with a qualified lawyer first. You should understand the appeal process, what evidence must be gathered and the potential risk that your new assessment will be similar, or even higher than proposed by the Assessor.

Our attorneys can review your property assessment and advise you on the strength of your case. We handle appeals in Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will and Kane counties, as well as other locations.

Informed advisers walk clients through the property tax appeals process

To challenge the validity of your property tax amount, you will need to dispute the assessed market value of the land plus any structures built on it. The appeal process often includes several steps:

  • Determine the reason for your appeal — You may appeal the fair market value listed in your assessment notice if the notice offers an inaccurate description of your property or its features or lists a property value that is above what the parcel is worth.
  • Collect evidence — You can show that an assessment is incorrect by providing sale prices of comparable properties, along with an independent appraisal and records relating to the properties.
  • Make the appeal — You may first appeal the assessment informally by asking the local township assessor to make a correction. To make a formal appeal, an assessment complaint and supporting documentary evidence must be filed with your county’s Board of Review. The board will review your complaint and decide whether or not to revise the property assessment.
  • Appeal the decision — If the county board does not rule in favor of your requested change in the property assessment, you can appeal the decision to the State Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) or file a formal complaint in the appropriate circuit court.

We assist property owners with each aspect of property tax appeals. Our lawyers also negotiate property tax settlements for owners who owe unpaid taxes, and advise owners on available property tax abatement options.

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