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Cook County Commissioner Larry Rogers wins a 6th term as Commissioner at the Cook County Board of Review

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Larry Rogers, Jr. convincingly won his sixth term as Cook County Board of Review Commissioner.  Rogers represents the city’s south side and the southern suburbs of Cook County.

Rogers beat his challenger Larecia Tucker 62% to 38%.  Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi contributed $680,000 of his own money to fund his new political action committee, “Stop Tax Corruption Cook County” which was focused on beating Rogers.  Tucker’s campaign got more than $50,000 in additional donations from Kaegi himself.  It is ironic that Assessor contributed over $725,000 of his own fund but at the same time criticized Rogers for receiving much smaller donations from real estate tax attorneys.  Rogers argued that there was a conflict of interest for Kaegi to almost entirely fund his challenger and try to replace him with an ally at the agency that checks the Cook County Assessor’s work.  “Fritz Kaegi, despite his millionaire status, was unsuccessful in his attempt to take over and attempt to buy the Board of Review,” Rogers said.  “The Board, fortunately for the citizens of Cook County, remains an independent agency available to reduce [Kaegi’s] over-assessments”.  “Veteran Cook County tax appeal board commissioner holds off challenger” by Dan Mihalopoulos, WBEZ Chicago, March 19, 2024