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2017 Re-Assessment of South & Southwest Suburban Cook County

by Glenn Guttman In Cook County, at least once every 3 years, the Assessor reviews and re-assesses approximately 1/3 of the County in what is termed a “triennial reassessment”.  In 2017, the South and Southwest Cook County suburbs are scheduled to be reassessed.  Next year, in 2018, the City of Chicago proper will be reassessed.  […]

Illinois Now With Highest Median Tax Rate in the Nation

by Steven Kandelman With the second installment 2016 real estate tax bills soon to be mailed out at the end of June, 2017 (due on August 1, 2017), a new analysis of real estate taxes nationwide has alarming conclusions for Illinois taxpayers and homeowners.  According to a recently released CoreLogic comparative analysis of property taxes […]

The Real Effect of the Property Tax Freeze in Illinois

In Illinois, the concept of a property tax freeze as proposed by Governor Bruce Rauner has general appeal to homeowners who have to deal with escalating tax bills every March and August. The real question to ask, however, is: will a property tax freeze lead to lower property tax bills?